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Service     Delivery Time

Service     Delivery Time
samtool credit Exsiting User Instant Auto API     Instant to 5 min
Samtool Credit New User Auto API     Instant to5 Minutes

Service     Delivery Time
MRT Dongle Huawei Flash Activation - Instant     Instant -10 Minutes

Service     Delivery Time
UMT Box/Dongle 1 Year Activation     1-10 Minutes
UMT Xiaomi 10 Credits Pack     12-24 Hours

Service     Delivery Time
GCPro Box/Dongle Credits     Instant - 5 Minutes

Service     Delivery Time
Qatar SIM Recharge 5QR     -

Service     Delivery Time
12 Months iP TV OTT iP TV     1-10 hours
Kespersky Activation 1 Pc Only     1-10 hours

Service     Delivery Time
Google Play Card For US Stores 10$ Card     1-6 Hours
Google Play Card For US Stores 15$ Card     1-5 Minutes

Service     Delivery Time
HDE Tools Time License 1 Year Access     1-10 Minutes
HDE Tools Time License 2 Year Access     Instant -10 Minutes

Service     Delivery Time
Decoders Tool (samsung+LG+ZTE ) 1Year Activation     Instant -6 Hours

Service     Delivery Time
Z3X LG Tool Activation (Instant)     1-10 Minutes
Z3x Refill Credits     Instant -10 Minutes
Z3X Samsung Tool Activation (Instant)     24Hours
Z3X Unlock Cradit Pack (30CR) Instant     Instant -10 Minutes
Z3X Unlock Cradit Pack 50 CDR Instant     Instant - 5 Minutes
Z3X-BOX Samsung Pro activation (Instant)     1-5 Minutes

Service     Delivery Time
Octoplus FRP Tool Activation Instant     Instant - 10 Minutes
Octoplus Huawei Tool Activation     5-10 minutes
Octopus Box Credits For Exiting Users (Instant)     1-5 Minutes
Octopus Box Credits For New Users     INSTANT - 10 Minutes
octopus server credit new user     1-10 Minutes

Service     Delivery Time
DC Phoenix activation     1-5 Minutes
DC Unlocker Activation 2 Years Support     Instant to 10 minutes
DC Unlocker Unlimited FRP Unlock     Instant -10 Minutes
DC Unlocker ZTE Icera UNLIMITED direct unlock     Instant -10 Minutes
DC-Unlocker Activation 1 Year Support     Instant -10 Minutes

Service     Delivery Time
Uni Android Tool (UAT) - Renewal 1 Year     Instant- 4Hours
Uni-Android Tool Instant Activation 1 Year     Instat- Few Hours

Service     Delivery Time
Volacano inferno Actiavtio 1 Year     Instant to 10 minutes

Service     Delivery Time
Sigma Pack 1 Activation     5-10 minutes
Sigma Pack 2 Activation     5-10 Minutes
Sigma Pack 3 Activation     5-10 Minutes